Mental health

Mental Health

Everyday stress is tough on teens – and other mental health issues are even more challenging.

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Physical health

Physical Health

Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help teens develop into strong and healthy adults.

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Financial health

Financial Health

Learning how to manage money properly is vital – and plays a role long after the teen years.

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Social health

Social Health

The need to fit in is incredibly strong in teens – and healthy interaction with society is crucial.

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 Toolz4Teenz. Let’s empower teenagers to build a better future.

Teen years are difficult. That’s something we can all recognise. If we aren’t living them, we’ve lived through them. Yet today’s challenges are, in many ways, greater than ever before.
The list is daunting: stress, school problems, depression, obesity, finances, pregnancy, family conflict, addiction, crime and even suicide. These are real problems – and they often aren’t adequately addressed.
Support, from parents, schools, professionals and government, helps – and does so every day. Yet the need to give teenagers the tools they need to empower themselves is even more vital.
Toolz4Teenz is the place to come for help: advice and information to help support teens as well as the empowerment you need, as a teen, to help yourself.